The Scene So Far

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While it may not look as though anything interesting or new has been going on, behind the scenes we have been very busy here at Witjuti. As some of you may know, we are now based in Airlie Beach, Queensland,  and it’s not all Pina Coladas lounging around the pool – we actually do work here, and really have a pretty normal life – work, school, kids, etc., It’s just that on the weekends we get to enjoy some pretty amazing beaches, islands and reef. The Whitsundays really is a natural paradise.

It’s been an interesting few months since I took ownership of the brand, a very steep learning curve, coupled with many late nights, but it has all been wonderful ride. Apart from trying desperately to keep up production to meet our stock demands, and fill all those gaps in our sizes, we have been planning some very exciting things for Witjuti.

The first change is coming very soon, with some fab photos showing the Witjuti brand as it should be - relaxed, happy and getting comfy. Our rad photographer Jocelyne Mackenzie, and our gorgeous and gracious models Beau and Nat captured the essence of our brand. It was so cool to see their reaction of “Ahhh feels so nice on the skin!” when we dressed them in their first outfit. .

These photos are all shot at Coral Sea Resort and Whitsunday Sailing Club. A big thank you to both venues for their support I think you will agree they are both pretty stunning locations!

Thanks to all our loyal customers who have been generous with their patience, and make every day a positive experience.

Keep watching for our exciting new website coming soon!

Witjuti - It’s what the body deserves.