About us

Witjuti (pronounced “wicheddy”) comes from Witjuti Grub and is the Indigenous spelling of the Australian Larvae – Witchetty Grub or Witchety Grub. The Witjuti Grub lives in the roots of some acacia trees and particularly in the roots of the Witchetty Bush, found in Central Australia. As it is symbolic of natural Australia, it only seems natural for an Australian clothing label to be called Witjuti.

At Witjuti, we believe in creating clothing that is comfortable, stylish and sustainable. We feel strongly that fashion should be as easy on the body and the environment as it is on the eyes.

Why did we chose Bamboo? well to name just a few of the environmental benefits, Bamboo is biodegradable, has an extremely fast regenerative rate, and requires significantly less water for growth than most fabrics. In addition, Bamboo is antibacterial, naturally moisture-wicking to reduce wetness and odor, and is one of the softest, most luxuriously comfortable fabrics on the planet.

Witjuti fabrics are woven in batches to our specifications in an OEKO-TEX -100 certified facility, and our colours are special blends. Thats why our Black is so strong and deep, and our Charcoal is as beautiful as a stormy sea.  Our vivid Coral and Magenta just vibrate with energy.

We design with a strong emphasis on celebrating and respecting Indigenous Australia.  We feels this recognition is important, and by naming each product using Indigenous Australian languages, Witjuti embraces the enduring spiritual connection to the land.

Witjuti makes an effort to produce as little waste as possible, and we examine our environmental footprint every step of the way, always seeking new ways to improve our sustainability. We also embrace the human side of ethical business policies, believing strongly in fair wages and ethical treatment of workers. 

That’s why all Witjuti clothing is made in a IMO certified factory, which means all employees are treated respectfully, and never overworked or underpaid. We have a significant role in all production, keeping in close communication with the factory.

Witjuti clothing can be worn and styled many ways, and since it is crafted from super-strong Bamboo, each piece is made to last for years to come. From dresses and leggings, tops and pants, all the way to under garments and sleepwear, Witjuti Clothing promises to provide ethical and sustainable all-season multi-purpose clothing that can take men and women from the gym to the office to an evening out easily.

Sustainability meets style– it’s a simple motto, and it’s one that Witjuti vows to stand by.