Benefits of Bamboo clothing for Eczema care and relief

Posted by Banika Smee on 21st Sep 2015

eczema sufferer - Bamboo Clothing

Eczema is reaching epidemic proportions in Australia. Dermatologists agree that our nation has one of the highest incidences of eczema in the world.

The numbers say it all - one in four children develop the disease before the age of two.

In other words, 25% of our children suffer from this insidious disease that has such a huge financial and emotional toll on families.

Fifty years ago, only less than ten per cent of Australian children had to live with it. Today, far too many of our children have to suffer the dry, itchy, blistering skin eczema is known for.

And many of our families have to live with the strain of seeing their children crawl with pain and their bank accounts dwindle as a result of the hefty investments they are forced to make on costly and often ineffective treatments.

But let me bring some joy to this very grim picture I’m painting. There is something we can do to manage eczema and prevent a life of suffering.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it - it’s called bamboo.

Bamboo clothing , to be precise - it considerably minimises irritability and allergies in the skin.

A green warrior to combat eczema

As pediatric dermatologist Dr John Su explains, managing this complex disease is a very serious challenge for affected families.

" A lot of parents are quite reluctant in the use of products on their babies' skin, thinking that it is not natural. For example they might be very happy putting olive oil on their babies, but not very happy putting a commercial moisturiser on ," he said.

There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation on the subject but as Dr Su explains, most parents prefer to go down the natural path.

And understandably so.

Because parents’ intuition tells them that Mother Nature has got to know best.

And she certainly does.

Bamboo fibres are smooth and round and free from any chemical treatments and this means there are no sharp spurs to cause further irritation or cracks in the tender skin.

But that’s just the beginning.

There are plenty other reasons why bamboo clothing should be your ally in the fight against eczema:

* Bamboo’s natural elements help kill and prevent the spread of bacteria in skin affected by eczema.

* Four times more absorbent than cotton, bamboo clothing wicks away and evaporates moisture from the skin, maintaining the body temperature and leaving you dry and comfortable.

* Bamboo clothing’s natural "air conditioning" features enable the skin to breathe and relieves irritated skin.

* The micro-gaps of bamboo clothing provide unmatched aeration properties that bring instant comfort and relief for eczema sufferers.

* Bamboo fabric’s temperature regulator and insulating properties prevents eczema from flaring up as a result of temperature variations.

*Bamboo clothing is also mould and mildew resistant and it does not hold onto odours from common irritants such as perfumes and chemicals, minimising irritability from all these potentially irritable factors.

There you have it - Mother Nature doing what it does best - looking after us and making sure our little ones, and us adults don’t suffer from the painful torture that is this disease.

So, go on, give your skin some well-deserved relief with Witjuti’s eco-friendly bamboo clothing and see the benefits for yourself.

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