Super comfy Bamboo yoga clothes for your super painful yoga sessions

Posted by Witjuti on 5th Aug 2014

Alright, you’ve successfully made it through the Sun and Moon salutations (with a little pant tucking here and there), but now, it’s finally arrived. You’ve been fearing it all through this never-ending Bikram session - the nearly impossible Eight-Angle Pose, the human knot. A kind of a convoluted push-up where your legs and feet are awkwardly sent off to your side and in the air while one of your arms tries to find its way between your legs. Excruciating! Boy, how you wish you had your bamboo yoga clothing on with you today!



No, not just because your bamboo yoga pants are uber-comfortable!

Yes, when you practice Yoga, whether Asthanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram or any other variety, comfort is one of your main priorities. Your Witjuti Bamboo yoga clothing are designed and manufactured to keep all the bits that need to be kept in place, nicely tucked in! Besides, your Witjuti Yoga leggings and pants come with a comfortable roll top that secures that muffin top (whose muffin top?) while you twist and turn around on your mat. The form-fitting bamboo yoga clothes of the Witjuti Yoga range, also allow greater ease of movement without sleeves or pant legs getting caught in twists or underfoot.

No, not just because the thermo-regulating properties of bamboo yoga clothing will keep you at precisely the right temperature!

(Particularly if you need to endure a full hour of Bikram in a balmy 37-40 degrees enclosed environment).

You see, the natural built-in moisture-wicking and temperature regulating abilities of bamboo trap the warm (boiling in this case!) air you produce and the moisture is drawn away from your body. So, regardless of the number of Vinyasa flows you intend on doing, with your bamboo yoga clothing, you’ll always feel cool and protected.

Plus, with some fashion know-how, you can jump right out of that class and straight into your desk incognito without anyone noticing you’ve been rolling on your mat doing camels, lotuses and downward dogs.

No, not just because your bamboo yoga clothes are a lot greener and in tune with your life philosophy!

Bamboo requires no pesticides, irrigation, or fertilisers. It also generates up to 35 percent more oxygen absorbs more than twice the carbon dioxide than threes and. It uses less water than trees, helps prevent soil erosion, and helps lower water pollution.

So if giving back to Mother Nature what Mother Nature very wisely provided for is your main motto,Witjuti’s eco-friendly bamboo clothes fit perfectly well with your way of life for all the above reasons.

But apart from all that, you wish you had your Bamboo Yoga Clothing with you every single day because you love yourself in them!

Beginner or advanced yogi, once you try Witjuti’s very chic and super stylish yoga clothes, there’s no turning back.