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I am a full time yoga teacher and literally live in yoga clothes. It is so important to feel comfortable during your practise and more so throughout your day and in your life! I love the fabric of natural bamboo and the soft and silky feel on my skin! The simplicity and quality resembles what we need. Namaste, Stefanie, NSW {Health by Yoga}


Beware ladies, once you try you will buy!!! I only intended to buy the loungewear pants… But I walked out with nearly the whole collection! Once you try this gear on there’s no turning back, you will never want to take these clothes off. So if your pregnant, have become a new mummy or just want to walk around the house looking amazing and being ridiculously comfortable grab yourself a few pieces. I want to be draped in these clothes 24/7. Amazing! Thank Witjuti. Tiffany, Sydney NSW


Absolutely love my lounge pants and wrap top! So comfortable and figure flattering. 

Diana, {PA on the GO} Narrabeen NSW


The bamboo wrap dress is superb! Sooooo very comfortable and perfect to wear with a little one it tow. Easy access for breast feeding and rolling around on the floor for play time. So too are the yoga pants and singlet, I could live in them! The shawl is stunning too, so soft and the perfect size for a feeding cover up or a scarf. Highly recommended!!! Anita, NSW

I am head over heels in love with my new Witjuti Bamboo Wrap Dress, it is super soft and comfortable while still being chic. I cant wait to collect the entire range, it will be perfect for when Im pregnant! Beautiful, ethical and functional. LOVE IT! Aimee, NSW
Hmm, like everyone else I had planned on buying just the wrap dress. But it seems that i walked away with a whole outfit and more! These pieces are just beautiful and they feel so amazing. I can’t wait to buy some more. I think the wrap might be my next purchase. Sascha, Toddler Tastes NSW


I just got my pants and tank, and I love them…the MOST comfortable, soft wear around clothes ever…they are my new go to’s..thanks!  Margot, QLD
Our products were reviewed by 3 Mums & Mums to be via KidSpot, here is what they had to say:

I received the package on Wednesday morning and was so impressed straight away. The clothes were beautifully wrapped. I was sent a taupe wrap dress, taupe yoga pants, black singlet and belly moisturiser. I LOVE that you can plant the tags, so different and smart. The clothes were all so soft, comfortable, light and airy. I was actually surprised at how much they breathe especially the pants. While they are relatively tight, they fall on your body rather than be clingy so all the bumps and lumps aren’t accentuated.

I would never have thought that taupe would be a colour I like but I’ve been surprised at how much I do like it especially in summer. It’s a colour that is easy to be dressed up or down much like the actual clothes. I would love to see a rainbow of colours though as I’d buy up big on them. I’d be inclined to do a whole wardrobe haul as I fell in love with the material and feel of the clothes.

I wore the singlet under the wrap dress on a hot day. It didn’t feel like I was wearing two layers, which was wonderful. The pants also were worn on a hot day (Brisbane seems to have skipped Spring all together) but I didn’t sweat in them like I would other pants.

Washing them was simple, just was with similar colours. After a couple of hours in the sun they were all dry which meant that I could wash and wear on the same day. I did have a chocolate smudge on the taupe pants but it came out in the wash without any added stain remover. I also hate ironing and didn’t need to iron any of the clothes before wearing them, which means that I’ll wear them more often. These clothes, although aimed at breastfeeding and pregnant mothers, can be worn by anyone. They are so flattering.

Thank you to Kidspot Social and Witjuti for allowing me to review them. Amy, Mummy Blogger


Wow .. what can a say, such truly beautiful products! I received the wrap dress, singlet and lounge pants. I have tried all three already! The material of all three is super soft and lightweight.

The Dress  – is light weight super comfortable and stylish. Perfect for the hot days while pregnant and can also be worn when breastfeeding for super easy access. This dress can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

The nursing Singlet (my favourite) i have lived in since i received it! Its light weight, comfortable and perfect now when pregnant and will be even more perfect when i have the bub and begin to breastfeed. I have worn this top alone, as well as under the dress and other tops.

The lounge pants – are once again cozy, soft and a must have for any mum on the go.

All items wash and dry well, i didn’t find any need to iron any of them. And i marked the singlet which i was worried wouldn’t come out.  But after a wash looks back to new.

Thank you for this opportunity and i look forward enjoying these items for a long while…Crystal


I recieved my products yesterday, and am very excited! i have recieved a wrap dress, feeding singlet and lounge pants. i have already tried the singlet and pants! super comfy, and the fabric is really soft and breathable, which is great in the qld heat. the sizes are a good fit too.

the singlet has 2 great points in that the straps are adjustable from the front, so much easier to tighten/loosen as needed. and the hidden support is actually supportive, (i am currently an e cup) of course my son has already thrown up on them so they have had a wash already! very easy to wash and quick to dry. the only thing i have found with the singlet is that when unhooking the straps the hook gets caught in the fabric, making it difficult to remove. if the fabric was reinforced this problem should be fixed

so far am loving the clothes!! thankyou Rebecca

Above reviews as seen on Kidspot